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This is the best way to maintain and save on future treatments, assist in your treatment plan, and alleviate wrinkles, acne, scarring and blemishes. 

“Healthy skin is a necessity, stop considering it a luxury.”


Aesthetic Membership Plans

If you’re spending $500 to $1,000, on injectables and you’re not doing any monthly maintenance, it’s almost like buying a new car and not getting your oil change.

It’s important to have consistency to maintain your results. Plus the membership helps with the condition of the skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and just fine tuning everything.

When you evaluate the value of the package it amounts to getting a free service every month.

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Weight Loss Membership Plans

Your self-confidence has taken a hit due to the life changes your body has undergone and you’re tired of not looking and feeling your very best. You’re finally ready to get serious about taking off the weight this year and know you need some support to do it safely and effectively.

Then one of our weight loss membership plans may be ideal for you.

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Choose from one of our plans and save more money on our weight loss services.

Some FAQs about CCA Memberships


Is a no peel, no pain, no downtime TCA peel, which was formulated in Tuscany (Italy). This unique peel works from the inside out. Acne, melasma, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks (the list goes on and on). BioRePeel treats almost every skin condition. As well, it is suitable for use with ALL skin types (1-6 Fitzpatrick’s). BioRePeel stimulates fibroblast activity which in turn assists with a significant improvement in collagen and elastin production, resulting in a tightening and firming of the skin.

What if I don’t get injectables, can I still benefit from the membership?

Yes, the basic membership doesn’t involve injectables, but it does get you a better rate with injectables. So if you want to add Botox, it gets your rate down from $12 or $14 a unit to $10 a unit. So as a member, you’re gonna save money across the board on every service that we offer.

What makes you different from getting the weight loss medication from the doctor?

We customize a weight loss program for you from more than 30 different options. We don’t just give you the injectable medication and then leave you on your own to navigate the side effects. We offer a medically supervised care plan. We focus on managing your dosage and any side effects with a focus on wellness. This means getting to the root cause of your inflammation, as obesity is a form of inflammation. So, by tackling the root cause, we address your other health concerns. 


Can I also take advantage of your membership program if I’m not physically in Houston?

Yes, as long as you’re located within the State of Texas. I offer telehealth visits. Telehealth is similar to Zoom. You can still come in person but you don’t have to if it’s more convenient to have a Telehealth visit. The information covered during both visits is the same. The only exception is that in-person visits can take advantage of my partnership with a nutritionist who provides a full 3D body scan or body composition report.

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